Monday, January 2, 2012

becoming a homebody

i have learned something i never knew about myself over the last couple of weeks. i kind of like being a homebody. of course i have always loved being a stay home mom ( there are trying days i wonder why though) but these last couple of weeks have been unusually mellow around here. i have been able to accomplish muc needed cleaning around the house. i love walking into a house smelling like bleach ;) i have been able to do things with my children i dont normally do. for example play board games and watch movies. my favorite part has been not rushing to get things done. because im an ocd personality i need to have my house in order before i leave. so that means getting up early and rushing through my chores before we go out for the day. i have very much enjoyed not rushing! i think the childrens favorite part has been staying in their jammies all day! something we have been doing in the evenings before dinner is read through the bible as a family but being home has allowed me to add reading through the proverbs with the children before breakfast. i know that soon we will have to get back to reality but i must admit this has shown me that i need to add more home into my stay at home mothering and we need to add more home to our homeschooling.

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