Tuesday, January 22, 2013

boy, it has been a long time since i have been on here! do you ever just get so carried away with life and time seems to go by so fast before you realize it. that might be why i havent blogged in awhile. or it could be that i forgot how to get here and it took me 2 tries just to get my password right! but im here. since ive last blogged kids have grown, schedules have grown and life has changed ( as it does on a daily basis around here). the end of 2012 was a neat time as ive seen my older kids spread their wings a bit through volunteer work and earning money on their own. we have also been able to get involved in volunteer work as a family. looking back i should have been blogging about this in more detail...too much to catch up on now! my baby got his first haircut by his sister who youtubed instructions (and also gave herself a nice cut!). everyone is growing physically and spiritually. i told someone the other day that one of the things i love most about having a large family is being in almost every season of life at once. from teens (that are NOT scary) to toddlers and everything in between. i never get bored of one stage. i love every stage and could not pick a favorite, as im often asked what age i like best. as we head into 2013 i look forward to growing more in the Lord, individually and as a family. i look forward to finding more ways to serve and outreach in the community as a family. i look forward to making a difference for Christ. and i look forward to more growing and changing in our home!!