Wednesday, April 21, 2010


well in the days that follow things were up and down. the doctors kept telling me everything i was feeling was normal for what i had just gone through. i ended up getting a blood transfusion when my hemoglobin kept dropping. bu i didnt feel that instant " high" they told me id feel. my blood pressure was still so high. and my pulse was resting at 140! that they also said was normal because my body had to work so hard to pump what little blood i had.
the baby was getting better each day. there were a few bumps in the road but after he got through those he improved each day. i ended up going home after 4 days. my hemoglobin was only at a 7.3 and i was on blood pressure meds. i really dont think i should have been sent home. i had to ride in a wheelchair still because of the anemia. i could barely make it through a shower without getting winded. not too mention the blood pressure meds left me feeling dizzy all the time.
josiah came home on day 6. he was amazing. thriving so well! which is good because i felt so preoccupied with my own health. i spent my daus on a couch eating and pumping breastmilk for my liitle guy. i really didnt think i was going to get better! it felt like such a slow proceess! anemia is not easy to recover from. the next couple months were filled with doctors appointments.
josiah continued to thrive and slowly i felt better. my dov took me off the blood pressure meds although it wa still high. he was sure by post partem it would go down. almost immediatly my headaches came back. i was so worried. but just like doc said right at that 6 week mark it came way down! and continued blood work showed that i was overcoming anemia. to this date my hemoglobin is back to a 13.4! im wrking out now. energized and feeling pretty normal! its amazing how god designed a womans body to recover from such traumatic childbirths!
i stop and think that my hubby could be a single dad right now, my kids without a mommy. but god is so good! i no longer sit and cry wondering when im going to die! im apreciating all my little ones, my hubby that took such good care of us all! and the amazing god i serve.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

baby number 9

wow i havent blogged in a long time. so much has gone on since august i dont know where to begin. well we had baby number 9. we had to deliver him unexpectedly at 35 weeks. the two weeks leading up to my delivery was very scary and a huge surprise. i ended up developing preeclampsia. add this to my placenta previa and i was a mess! i was in the hospital for a week the first time to monitor my blood pressure. i went home for another week and was sent back because my blood pressure and protein was through the roof. the doctor didnt know why i wasnt having a stroke! i know why. GOD!
the tests done on my placenta showed that it was in a very scary position with a risk of bleeding out. going into my c section the doctors didnt really know what to expect. well i made it through the c section but my recovery was not so good. i lost alot of blood and my blood pressure was not coming down as expected. the baby on the other hand was doing great. except for a little rapid breathing he was good. he was recovering in the nicu while i recovered in my room.
i will continue this story another day!