Tuesday, August 11, 2009

school time

well we started schoolwork this week. and so far everyone is excited. jonah is the most excited! he is my kindergartner this year. from the time he wakes up he is asking me if its time to do reading! i love it. my 3 nd half year old is so interested and keeps asking me when he will be in kindergarten. he is very mature for his age! i think im still missing a couple of books though. hopefully they are still packed out there somewhere and i didnt forget to order them. i really cant wait for our extra curricular activities to start. we have a packed schedule just the way i like it! the girls are doing sewing again and savanah is taking a cooking class and drums again. emily is doing piano and taking a dance class this year. both the boys are doing karate this year. and jr. is going to continue with his guitar lessons and jonah is doing drums. not too mention a couple of onsite classes they are taking at the charter school. its going to be a fun year! i sure hope we can keep up :-)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

day 2 of floors!

So excited about our new home! I know this sounds wierd but I am in love with my home :-) When you work so hard painting it and fixing it up on your own it gives you a differnt feeling. It sems to be coming togther so perfectly. We are truly blessed to have such great friends. We are learning to paint and lay wood. My husband has been working so hard too. So today we will finish putting in the wood downstairs then the baseboard will go on.Then we can finally start really moving stuff in downstairs. The upstairs is a differnt story. Eventually we will lay wood up there as well. But it may tak longer for that money! So for now mattresses on the floor it is! I would at least like to get the paint on upstairs so we can put stuff on the walls. My plan is to have some kind of housewarming shindig when the downstairs is all done. Maybe we will get cash and gift cards as our gifts. That will be very helpful in finishing our house :-) Well Jay and Monic are on their way. Back to work!

Friday, August 7, 2009

finally out of the house!

August 7th, 2009
So happy to finally get out of the house. I love getting out there and being involved in stuff! Today we had a park day with our charter school. I needed to get the little ones out somewhere they can run free for awhile. Especially the twins. They are driving me nuts at home. I love being a stay at home mom but I dont understand moms that can actually " stay at home ". Who wants to be cooped up in the house with 8 kids bouncing off the walls! So the park day was fun. The kids had a blast doing the different activities they had set up. And the prize at each game was candy. So needless to say they have tummy aches now :-) It was nice to meet other moms as well. I met a really nice family with 7 kids. Its nice to not feel like a freak for having so many kids and add the fact that we homeschool and people are really freaked out by us! Oh well the shock factor is cool sometimes.