Friday, May 14, 2010

god provides

i am always so amazed at how God always provides for our needs. and the way He does it! anyone who knows me knows that i am not an impulse buyer. the opposite actually. i always think long and hard before i buy stuff. and more often than not im glad i did. most of the time i find out i can live without it. many times it has been a blessing because something major will come up that we needed that money for instead.
lately thoough i have been greatly rewarded for holding out and not going in for the instant gratification. when we moved into this house ( our first owned home ) we had barely any furniture. i guess alot of people would have instantly bought things. thats just not how i work i guess. i made a list of the things we needed and put them in the order of imptance. its amazing how over time you learn to live without alot of things that other people consider " must haves". things like a kitchen table, can we say picnic! a couch, who has time to sit around here! a tv, who has time for that either!
over the past couple of months we have accumulated a piano ( bonus!) and a couch, all for FREE! and they happen to be exactly the styles we were looking for. and just yesterday during my meeting with my es ( educational specialist) she informed me she had a kitchen table she would like to get rid of!
so for every ad my husband brought in from the mail with 1000$ couches and tables that i said no to. to every unanswered phone call off of craigs list looking for a piano, i say God provides! when we give him a chance to. i am grateful to all of you that God has used as instruments to help provide for our family. and for all those out there that wonder how we, a large family on a single income, make it i say JEHOVAH JIREH!