Tuesday, January 3, 2012


i know on tuesdays i usually write about how we can encourage our husbands. but after the past 3 days i must say my husband really went out of his way to bless me! he had a 3 day weekend for new years and i loved just having him home. but i was so blessed by all the help he gave me around the house. keeping the children busy while i finished up some major cleaning projects was so helpful. helping me with houseold chores was a bonus. but the icing on the cake was when he cleaned out the van ( with some little helpers). i am truelly blessed with such an amazing man. and this greatly encourages me when he goes back to work. it helps me to not dread the day he goes back to work so much. i miss him so much but i want to work hard for the man that works so hard for me. i hope he is having a great day back at work and isnt too worn out from his "vacation" ;)

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