Wednesday, January 4, 2012


every once in awhile i find some hidden treasure that just makes my day. i am not a pirate but i get very excited when i happen to stumble upon something that seems so perfect for our family. well at least it is exciting to me. as a homeschooling mom i get very excited to find something i can add to the childrens learning. this past week a friend of mine posted a link called puritans pick. the caption read " like netflix for christians". the word puritan had my attention from the start but after reading the caption i had to find out what this was! the site is just what it says "like netflix for christians". there is a wide variety of films on the site. they range from cartoons that teach bible accounts, books made into movies, documentaries about conservative christian topics, life stories of church fathers and missionaries, and many videos about church history and debates. do you see now why this homeschooling mom is very excited. and every movie is screened and filtered through there very conservative values. another caption read that the movies were so wholesome that " the puritans could watch them". the packages range depending on how many movies you can rent a month and how many you can hold to at a time. but they are very low cost. as we speak i am waiting for my first video to arrive in the mail! i cant wait!!

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